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Submission Guidelines

Your Contributions are Welcome Here


The blog is more important for GovernmentReform.org than for most web sites. The main purpose of our site is to provide a forum for reader discussion — not to give out information. Our reader/members can participate in our discussions in several ways. The first step is to click "log in" on our homepage and sign up as a reader/member. Then boxes appear inviting you to participate by writing blogs and/or comments.

  The most important submissions guideline is that submissions must be non-partisan. There is no reason for the expression of party views, positions or opinions. Our subject is “reforming government” and our common purpose — whatever our political party — is to discuss ways to make our federal government more democratic, more responsive and less corrupt. Democracy, responsiveness and honesty are issues that affect Republicans and Democrats equally.

The purpose of this web site is to give us a neutral ground where we can discuss our common interest in reforming our federal government. While it exists for serving us ordinary “90 per centers,” the wealthy ten per cent are free to participate as well. We ask only that they identify themselves by their positions (for example, Member of Congress, presidential appointees, corporate officer, person of means, etc.).


Reader/members can write reader’s blogs, comments on other reader’s blogs, comments on other reader’s comments, comments on editor’s blogs, and reviews of recommended books on governmental reform and recommendations for other books.

Reader’s blogs should be 350-500 words in length. If they are within the required word count, they will be posted as written. However, they will be reviewed after being posted and those that are partisan, abusive, and incoherent or in poor taste will be deleted. Members can post blogs by clicking the “I would like to post a blog” box at the top of the “Reader’s Blogs” page.

Comments on blogs or on other reader’s comments are welcome. However, they will be reviewed after being posted according to the same criteria that apply to blogs. Members can post comments by clicking the “I would like to post a comment” box located at the end of each blog.

Book reviews or recommendations are also welcome. Members may post reviews or recommendation by clicking “I would like to review or recommend a book” at the bottom of the “Books” page.