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Introduction to the Editorís Blog Page

This first Editor’s Blog is written at a time of great interest in our government and its policies. Most of us will go to the polls on November. 6 in an attempt to influence these policies and the way they are administered. We will do this by voting for the candidates we believe are most likely to adopt and carry out the policies we favor.  About one-half of us prefer the policies of the Republican Party and about one-half are more inclined to favor the policies of the Democrats.  While our election process is far from perfect, it is our duty to use it faithfully. Each of us should go to the polls and vote for the candidates and party of our choice.

It is also our duty to improve our elective system and make it a more effective means for us to use in controlling our government. If we wish to bring about genuine improvement, there is no alternative but for ordinary (that is, members of the “90%”) Republicans Democrats and members of our other political parties to join together to reform our federal government. This web site exists to provide a neutral ground for the friendly discussion of our common interests. Members writing blogs and comments should agree to leave matters on which the parties disagree behind them when they visit this web site. There is one mega-matter – governmental reform - on which it is in all of our interests to agree. Let us meet here to discuss this mega-matter. We need to develop ways to create a new government which will be less responsive to money and more responsive to ordinary Americans of all political parties.

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Subsequent editor’s blogs  will discuss the indicators of America’s decline and the difficulties we face in exercising our right to amend our Constitution. The Editor’s Blog welcomes thoughtful agreements, disagreements and proposals for overcoming these difficulties. Reader’s comments or reader’s blogs criticizing any of our political parties will not be accepted. This web site is about governmental reform only.

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