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Government Reform

This website is not for pundits, scholars, Members of Congress, corporation executives or other members of America’s “upper ten per cent.” It is for us ordinary Americans - whether we are Republicans, Democrats, Independents or members of some other political party. All of us in the lower ninety percent have something in common: our desire for a responsive, honest federal government. It is in our best interests to join forces on this one issue and do something together to reform our federal government.

This website belongs to all of us “ninety per centers”. It is not a place for us to come to be instructed by pundits and scholars. It is a forum in which we can express our own opinions and comment on each others opinions. The only fundamental assumptions made in this web page are, first, that governmental reform is necessary, second, that it is our job (not the job of government) to bring it about - and, finally, that the first step in any genuine reform effort must be the calling of a 2nd constitutional convention. This web site is a forum for us to (1) discuss how we should go about taking this first step and (2) identify our areas of agreement as regards the specific changes needed in the Constitution.

It is true that we have a great deal in common with the leaders of our political parties. Those of us who are Democrats agree, in large part, with most of the planks in the Democratic platform. Those of us who are Republicans favor the positions taken by our party’s leaders. We should continue to support our party’s candidates at the polls. However, we are all at odds with our party leaders on one mega-issue: governmental reform. Reform is not in the short-term interests of our civil officers and the rest of the “upper ten percent. It is, however, crucial to your and my interests — both short and long-term.

On this one issue of governmental reform we ordinary Americans must separate ourselves from our party leaders and join together to create a more responsive and honest federal government. We must not, as Occupy does, ask our government to reform itself. We must not, as the Tea Party does, expect to make things right by getting ourselves elected to Congress. We ordinary Americans of all political parties must, instead, join together to bring about a 2nd constitutional convention called to reform our federal government.